Chace Crawford Headed To Glee?!

Attention Upper East Siders: I have news so exciting you’re going to want to sing it loud for everyone to hear–Chace Crawford is headed to Glee!

E! News’ Marc Malkin got the exclusive scoop from Matthew Morrison during a pre-Golden Globes party in Hollywood last night. “I think he’s going to be Dianna Agron‘s new love interest,” the Glee teacher spilled on Chace’s role. “His name is Biff. He’s kind of a Yalie degenerate.”

Chace will be making his appearance during the milestone 100th episode, set to air in two parts on March 18 and 25 (mark your calendar!). No word yet on if he’ll be singing or not, but one can only hope. Swoon.

I also hear that Kristin Chenoweth and Gwyneth Paltrow will be on the ep, as well as former cast members Amber Riley, Mark Salling, Heather Morris, and Harry Shum Jr.

OMGLEE, this is going to be great. Tell me loves, are you planning on tuning in or can you not ever imagine Chace being anyone else other than Nate Archibald? XOXO

Chace Crawford GQ Men Of The Year Party


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  1. Tanya xoxo Said:

    I think everyone misses Nate, but it will be awesome to see him act again :)

  2. ashlee Said:

    He will always be Nathaniel Archibald in our hearts. Can’t wait to see him. Save the date.

  3. R Said:

    Love him! I’ll start watching Glee only because of him!

  4. Leo Said:

    Naaaaaaaaaaaate :( We miss you

  5. Hannah P Said:

    Omfg i cannot wait!! And i thought glee couldn’t get any better!!! X

  6. Jess Said:

    Omggggg this is gonna be AWESOME.

    I kinda hoped she would be leah’s new love interest haha only cause i love her haha, but haven’t watched glee in forever so leah probably has a new love interest already.

    Anyways! I’m beyond thrilled with him comin to gleee :D!!

  7. Summer Said:


  8. Aria Said:

    I love him and I love glee, but I’m not sure how its going to turn out. But I’m happy for him and it could end up being great! Which I’m sure will happen!:)

  9. Andra Said:

    Ummmm…I guess he hit rock bottom in his carrer. Glee is the shittiest show in the world.

  10. katy Said:

    omg… really? oh,this is really exciting <3

  11. Georgie Said:

    I thought Dianna left Glee…?

  12. Moira, Marzia, and Mila Said:

    I think he should take responsibility for this! I CALL RACIST! That was so cruel of him to say!
    BTW, I didn’t really read it but I felt like commenting bitchy way so bye!!!!!

  13. chaceeee Said:

    it’s just going to be so amazing!!! I just can’t wait for the role!
    I think everyone stuck with Nate whenever we stare at his outstanding look. I know he can do that! Are we going to see the next, Cory Monteith ?? even though Cory is the best like no one can ever beat him but let’s see if Chace could sing?

  14. Rha Said:

    There have to be a 7th season of gossip girl. xoxo

  15. robert Said:

    nate is so cute

  16. robert Said:

    im verry happy for nate

  17. robert Said:

    i’m very happy for nate

  18. takko Said:

    I’ll always love him as Nate Archibald <3_<3

  19. serena Said:

    mmm more nate Archibald why don’t u be rachels new love

  20. ianamary Said:

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  22. Fifi xoxo Said:

    I love Glee and i love Chace! ❤️ This is an amazing thing for him :) :o

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