:) of the Day: Chace Crawford is Single!

AMAZING NEWS MINIONS. Our favorite golden Upper East Sider is officially back on the market. Chace Crawford admitted that he’s not longer dating unimpressive model Rachelle Goulding.

“Ah, no. I’m not. I’m not,” he said during a recent interview but insisted that the breakup was totally amicable. “It’s totally good. It’s totally good. We had fun.”

It may have been a friendly, dignified split on Chace’s end–can you even imagine┬áhim being anything less than a total gentleman?–I doubt very strongly that Rachelle went gently into that good night. Who would? I’d fight like a demon to hang onto Golden Boy. But, that may have been difficult for Rachelle to do considering they were rarely in the same zip code.

Mark Davis/Getty Images

“I am traveling too much right now,” he explained. “I am just trying to move in [to my new place] and I have a couple of independent films right now.”

Call me crazy but I think CC is worth racking up a few frequent flyer miles, don’t you dolls? But perhaps he’s just trying to be diplomatic about their break up.

Let’s play fantasy matchmaker for C and decide who he should partner up with next. Are there any bright young things that would be a perfect match for the prince of the UES?


  1. Ana Said:

    Nina Dobrev, i know they are just fiends but who knows what the future holds

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