New Couple Alert: Chace Crawford and…Katie Holmes?

That’s right darlings, Chace Crawford is tres smitten with Katie a movie. Go ahead and breathe a quick sigh of relief, I’ll wait.

Ready? Good. I hear that CC is set to star in a rom-com called Responsible Adults, where he plays a guy who realizes that the girl he has a crush on (Katie) was his babysitter 15 years prior.

katie holmes chace crawford


Ha…ha? Obviously, I will watch anything centered around CC, but couldn’t they cast someone a little more, I don’t know, Chace-worthy to play his love interest? I just can’t imagine a universe where Chace would be besotted with the ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise, can you?

If you were this flick’s casting director, which starlet would you have him faux fall in love with?


  1. B Said:

    Well, Elizabeth Hurley obviously. Or maybe Sandra Bullock.

  2. Chelsea Said:

    Not Elizabeth Hurley – I totally think he will be hot crushing on the former Joey Potter. Once she ditched Tom it was easy for me to forget they ever were a thing.

  3. Chelsea Said:

    And I say not Elizabeth Hurley, because yes, they were a hot hot thing on GG, but come on, been there, done that…

  4. June Said:

    Charlize Theron! Or maybe someone like Catherine zeta-Jones or Denise Richards…

  5. Tim Bunting Said:

    He should try British. Pippa Middleton is still looking for Mr. Right! xoxo

  6. Emma De bruyn Said:

    Chace can be with me if he doesn’t find a good girl for him! :D

  7. Gustavo Genú Said:

    Maybe Cameron Diaz?!

  8. boojvhlee Said:

    Jessica Chastain would have been perfect!!!

  9. Todd Gaines Said:

    Come on Kylie Minogue deserves it.

  10. Lilly Said:

    Demi Moore!!

  11. Taylor Said:

    Leslie Mann!

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