Chace Crawford’s NYE Down Under

Spotted: Chace Crawford ringing in 2013 at Marquee in Sydney, Australia with pal Matthew Morrison, and this irksome female, Jennifer Hawkins, former Miss Universe.

I suppose she’s a decent catch for our little Chacey-poo, but if she’s the one influencing him into growing that tres tragic hipster beard then clearly, she’s got to go. I would’ve also liked to see him dress up a little bit for the occasion, wouldn’t you? It seems like a shame to cross the international date line and not even bother to bring a nice dinner jacket with you….


Chace Crawford





  1. dsotm76 Said:

    Personally, I really enjoy the scruff on him. He can definitely pull it off! ;-)

  2. shamcey9010 Said:

    Chace Crawford and Jesinta Campbell, Misss Universe Australia 2010, makes a better and more romantic couple. Jesinta must be there too… Anyway, I think Chace will return to Australia one of these days. Hope he will see Jesinta, they’re both single :)))

  3. ggada Said:

    I always loved C, I love C and I will always love C !♥ if he is happy then I am 2♥♥

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