New Couple Alert: Chace Crawford and Model Rachelle Goulding

I spied with my pretty little eyes Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford getting cozy with model Rachelle Goulding at the Knicks game on Friday. (I know what you’re thinking… me, at a sporting event? Bien sûr! It’s prime celeb stalking and the drool-worthy players running across the court aren’t an eye-sore either.)

Rachelle was all over Chace, giggling, making googly eyes at him, and even touching his arm in that way we all flirted in prep school. Chace seemed kind of into her, but not as much as she was into him. He met the 26-year-old Canadian in London last summer, but a source says there “isn’t anything serious” happening between them. Perhaps she’s just soaking up the spotlight while she can, eh? XOXO

Chace Crawford



  1. Den Said:

    i thought he was gay

  2. psycho killer Said:

    Acceptable. The girl’s pretty, but Chace’s beard isn’t.

  3. Kiska Said:

    The only woman Chace should be in a relationship with is me!

  4. ashli Said:

    seems nice!

  5. Leighton Said:

    CC is weird……

  6. Chanelgirl Said:

    She’s pretty but her shoes are ATROCIOUS! And if CC is going to get a GF anywhere, he needs to shave off that Apatow.

  7. Lexi Said:

    Goodness, I love you CC but that beird is horrible!

  8. glee0709 Said:

    i love chace crawford… but I hate his beard! the Gf is ok, however i would be waaay better.

  9. M Said:

    OMG, Chace Crawford is so nice! They definetly NOT make a good couple.
    XOXO, M

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