Chace Crawford’s Ditzy Days

Life hasn’t always been easy for super gorgeous Chace Crawford. Life & Style magazine unearthed a yearbook from C’s days at Trinity Christian Academy, where he was voted “Ditziest” by his high school pals. Could this be a case of adolescent jealousy or does Chace seem like he might’ve had his perfectly coiffed head in the clouds?


  1. Bee Said:

    Its easy to Blast What will get press… Bet he is deep. XoXo. QueenBee

  2. betty Said:

    It’s Amazing !! My friend Janice tells me she is da t ing with a millionare!!

    —- Lo ve Wealt hy *C-/0 m–is the c lub where she met her honey. It’s a plac e gathers CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models and Hollywood celebrities!

    You will be the next Janice. Go for it !!!

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  4. kendra bethune Said:

    oh really now ditzy i don’t believe that for 4 cent and some one felt that apporiate chace crawford

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