Debate: Why Chuck and Blair Should Be Together

We’ve heard your pleas and cries every week. The conversation continues on Twitter, on Facebook, at the lunch table, with your friends. Everyone has their opinion. That’s why we asked two very passionate Gossip Girl shippers to debate Chair vs. Dair! Check out Chair fansite‘s editor Ice’s two cents on why Chuck and Blair are meant to be together (and find the link to the Dair rebuttal below!) Read the posts and be sure to vote in the poll at the bottom of each article to say who you’d rather see Blair with.

Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf Romantic Kiss

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Every Monday night during an all new episode of Gossip Girl, Chair fans all over the world trend “Save Chuck and Blair” on Twitter. Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf have a huge fan base, and nobody can deny that.

The show basically relies on both Blair and Chuck for most storylines. Their chemistry is undeniable. Even when the writers keep them apart, their chemistry stays undeniable. There are plenty reasons why Chuck and Blair need to be together. They share mutual interests like burlesque, limos and scheming, but most of all their love for each other. Chuck has only ever loved Blair and Blair never stopped loving Chuck. Chuck loves Blair for who she really is. He doesn’t want to change anything about her. He wants to put aside his own happiness for Blair’s. And Blair loves Chuck for who he is.

Blair stood by her man all this time. She is the only person who can convince Chuck to do anything. Blair’s passion and love only make Chuck’s heart even bigger. Chuck also stood by his girl, supporting her to be the powerful woman she already is. Whenever Blair feels insecure, he lets her know how beautiful and amazing she truly is.

Blair:  “You’re all I ever wanted. I love you. I love every part of you. You’re the one I never want to leave. “– 5×10 “Riding in Town Cars with Boys”

They know the other one better then they know themselves. They know what the other one is thinking without using any words. They care about their friends and don’t judge each other. Chuck and Blair have fireworks in every scene. They complete the other one in a way and they know it too, because they feel incomplete without the other. He’s not Chuck Bass without her, and it’s not her world without him in it. They think and act alike, even when they are not in the same place.

Another aspect to point out is that every time Chuck & Blair tried to get closure, it actually brought them together again. Think about the scene at the train station in Paris and Chuck’s already famous apology earlier this season. Moments of them being totally in love followed fast.

Blair and Chuck have lots of history. They have had good and bad times in the past five seasons, as every other character on Gossip Girl. But somehow they never stopped loving each other. And they never will. Their love has always been true in the five years that we’ve known and loved Gossip Girl. But that is mostly because of Chuck and Blair and not for anything or anyone else. Keeping them apart is wrong because they are an actual pairing that makes sense.

Blair:I’ll always love you.”
Chuck: “I will always love you.”
– 4×22 The Wrong Goodbye

Chuck and Blair are for real, and I hope the writers will figure it out. People who are meant to be together will find their way back in the end. Remember, true love stories never have endings….

Read the rebuttal by a Dair shipper here!

Feel strongly about this? Debate it out in our message boards!

[Editor’s Note: At 100,000 votes, Dair was in the lead! Don’t miss the rest of season 5 starting April 2, 2012 to see what happens!]

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  1. miss_Itu Said:

    Chuck and Blair are wonderful together,they love each other and they both make other happy. Not also forgetting how cute they look together


    Gossip girl

  2. MrsDexterHaven Said:

    Chuck and Blair are meant for each other. If they do not end up together, I will no longer believe in love!!

  3. Mary Said:

    Dan and Blair look gross together, Chuck is WAY better.
    I miss them together :(

  4. micolle Said:

    re comment!Dan and Blair look gross together, Chuck is WAY better.
    I miss them together :(

  5. blairchucklove Said:

    the persons who vote on dair are almost so stupid as a chicken without a freaking head!!! chuck and blair are meant te be together!!! if they not end up together than i will not watching gossip girl anymore!!!(ok i will look to gossip girl but i will not like it!)

  6. Tam Said:

    Chuck and Blair are ment to be together. Noone can say that thats not true! We have been following their history over 5 different seasons, they cant separate becuase of Dan Humphry. Dan and Blair are opposites that will never ever be together, I mean Blair have been hating him over the first 4 seasons, she cant fall in love with him on the 5th…

  7. MrsDexterHaven Said:

    So since Dair managed to be leading with 52% for a few days, they are the winner? I am sorry, but Chair won this poll in every single way. What about the weeks that we spent at 73%? What about the majority of the time that we have spent in the lead, including now and you have still not closed this poll? Seriously, the next time you do anything, please make your poll ONE vote per IP, and add catpcha, and actually close the poll so there is no confusion.

  8. blairchucklove Said:

    dan is just a meaning less thing! chuck is WAY better than dair!! chuck and blair have so much history together and that weird chemistry!! that is the reason they much to e back together and because blair never stopt loving him! and chuck never stopt loving blair!!!!

  9. Blair_Bass Said:

    Blair and Chuck has to be together. They made for each other. I really like Dan but he never will be the “One” for Blair. But they were so sweet when they were just BFF’s. Chair for ever… Always have, always will…

  10. nextblairwaldorf Said:

    Chuck and Blair are so cute together.

  11. cat Said:


  12. Sophia Anne Said:

    We all knew Chuck and Blair were going to end up together. The entire show would’ve been ruined if Dan and Blair got married at the end. Chuck and Blair were soul mates they never stopped loving one another. Dan and Blair did have a connection, but nothing beyond friends. If you think about it the show wouldn’t be right if Chuck and Blair didn’t end up together in the end. Dan and Blair just weren’t right for each other. It would be weird for Serena and Blair if Dan and Blair ended up together.

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