Friday Funny: Channing Tatum Grabs Jonah Hill in 22 Jump Street Trailer

Now, darlings, while my sense of humor is elevated far beyond simple boy jokes, far be it for me to deny the rest of you some Friday fun. The trailer for 22 Jump Street – the sequel to 21 Jump Street if math is not your strong suit – was released yesterday. I viewed it mostly for the eye candy (Channing Tatum), and while I hate to admit it, I did quietly giggle when Channing Tatum grabs Jonah Hill right in his manhood.

(Warning for anyone who actually works somewhere where you’re not the boss: the language is NSFW).

The promise of a spring break storyline does intrigue me a bit. It’s impossible for Channing Tatum to keep his shirt on at a beach, right minions?


Ladies, will you be allowing your boyfriends to bring you to 22 Jump Street when it’s released this summer ? Or will you be going on your own in the hope of a few shirtless Channing Tatum scenes? Even if you have no intention of seeing 22 Jump Street, at least you are now up to date on what all the boys at parties will be talking about this weekend. You can thank me later. XOXO.

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