Charlie Sheen Dishes on Lindsay Lohan’s Sticky Fingers

While Lindsay Lohan insisted that she had been oh-so-angelic during her guest role on Charlie Sheen’s show Anger Management, I had my suspicions after hearing rumors that she’d made off with a slew of bracelets during her time on set. Well lo and behold, I was right–and then some.

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Charlie told David Letterman that not only was LiLo four hours late to the set on her second day of work, she did in fact swipe several bits of jewelry, and furious producers took the price off the bracelets out of her paycheck.

Le sigh. It’s not so much that I’m sick of Lindsay’s antics (that will never happen) it’s that I simply grow a little weary of the same antics–Linds next time steal a car, not merely a bracelet, s’il vous plait?

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  1. John Roberts Said:

    Your link points to Leno, not Letterman. Aside from that, this is nothing like what Charlie said. He said that yes, she’d borrowed some stuff, they said if you keep it, it comes out of the check, she said fine–it was no big deal. He also said that she was ill and that’s why she was late.

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