Oh Snap! Cher Slams Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance

Cher isn’t exactly known for her onstage subtlety and restraint, but even she was horrified by Miley Cyrus’ creepy and awkward VMA disaster:

“She could have come out naked, and if she’d just rocked the house, I would have said, ‘You go, girl,'” said Cher. “It just wasn’t done well. She can’t dance, her body looked like hell, the song wasn’t great, one cheek was hanging out.”


cher miley cyrus


When a 67-year old plastic surgery addict says your body is awful, you know it’s a bad day. I rarely like to listen to or agree with old people, but Cher is spot on with her assessment of MC’s on-stage disaster, IMO.

Do you think that Miley should be taking the advice of her music biz elders or is she destined for greatness…somehow?

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  1. Ivaaa Said:

    I don’t agree with Cher. Miley’s VMA performance was strange, but that doesn’t mean that we should insolt her or use our popularity to say somehing bad! I this situation Cher i wrong for insolting MC!

  2. Kayla McKinnon Said:

    I AGREE WITH CHER! It was ridiculous was MC tried to do. I feel like she was trying almost a Lady Gaga approach to her performance, but it was just an absolute fail. I wish MC would just be herself instead of trying so hard to be this crazy rebel. I understand that it gets her media attention, as I sit here and talk about her, but it’s bad publicity. I don’t believe for a second that this is the “true” MC. Cher please help her :P

  3. Krissy Said:

    Cher is spot on. Miley’s performance lacked any kind of skill or talent. She rubbed herself simply because she didnt’ have the skills to dance! It wasn’t sexy at all. It looked crude because there was no style or sultry vibe from Miley.

  4. Stephanie Said:

    I don’t think her body necessarily was bad but the wardrobe, yes. I agree. Can we forget about Miley now? We’re giving her all the histrionic attention she’s craving.

  5. Margo Said:


  6. Josephinia Said:

    I agree with Cher.MC performance was a bad.I couldn’t even watch it.Her dancing was bad .her cloths was bad .everything from mc was all bad.

  7. amanda Said:

    insolt? Really? insult**

  8. HannahMontana Said:

    ivaaa my dear, Cher didn’t insult Miley. she just stated the obvious and laid down the facts. for celebs, good or bad publicity is still good publicity. so Miley got what she wanted but the good news, probablythe best, is that Liam Hemsworth is so done with this lady who was a weird tongue.

  9. HannahMontana Said:

    *who has :)

  10. Gretchen Said:

    - Telling MC to be herself is ridiculous. Who are you to know who she really is?
    – What Cher said had nothing to do with facts, just an opinion. And she’s one to talk. She’s 60+ and walking around in her underwear pretending that she looks good. Nasty.
    – MC has more skill/talent than anyone commenting on this, including myself, making your comments seem kind of ironic, no?
    – If you didn’t like her performance, then don’t watch it. But it seems that you’re obsessed. You won’t shut up about it.

  11. Laura Said:

    I agree with Cher! MC was a mess!

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