Love or Loathe: Chloe Moretz at the LA Premiere of If I Stay

Once upon a time, movies had but one premiere in one city and therefore I only had to critique one look by the main starlet. But apparently,¬†If I Stay warranted not only a New York premiere, where I told you my thoughts on star Chloe Moretz’s red carpet look, but an LA premiere as well. And just like last time, I can’t decide how I feel about her gown:

Chloe Moretz Premiere Of New Line Cinema's And Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures' "If I Stay" - Arrivals

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Oh wait yes I do–I hate it. Chloe seems almost as uncomfortable in this gown as I do looking at it. This¬†Schiaparelli gown features a bondage-like bodice and colorful stick-figure cartoon print with a black tulle overlay. Those phrases should never go together, and this look proves why. Had the under fabric been a sexy nude color, this look could’ve worked. But there’s something about the fit that’s just off, although I can’t put my finger on it…can you?

Tell me your opinions on CM’s latest look. Is this look worth crawling out of a coma for or should this have stayed on the dressing room floor?


  1. Mary Carroll Said:

    It makes her look wider and REALLY flat chested.

  2. Lynn morley Said:

    I say hit. It’s different, but she can pull it off.

  3. nicole Said:

    Definietly a miss!

  4. jewels Said:

    Strapless, drop waist and different fabric underneath.

  5. Vicky Said:

    It’s terrible. She doesn’t have a waist or boobs in this dress. And that pattern is awful.

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