Hot Mess: Chloe Moretz’s Menswear Mishap

Chloe Moretz’s movie may Kick Ass but her outfit at the London press call certainly did not. Take a peek:

chloe moretz


Ugh. The only thing I like about this look is the tailoring, which is perfect, but even that can’t distract me from the boring and unflattering pattern, boring shirt and lack of accessories.

I would’ve preferred either the jacket or pants paired with other garments–leather shorts? An edgy Balmain halter?–but as it is, this is just overkill. The menswear trend is notoriously tricky, and I think Chlo shows us why–even if the fit is flawless, that doesn’t always add up to a fashion win.

What’s your take on CM’s latest look?

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  1. Benanta Said:

    I totaly agree! it just doesn’t look good

  2. Oskar Umbrellas Said:

    You are right about the tailoring. That pantsuit really looks well fitted on her.

    And I agree, that this is a hard outfit for any woman or young starlet, especially at 16 years old.

    But Chloƫ pulls it off and she looks great in that outfit, and you can tell she felt great, too, on the pictures.

    And that is the most important thing. That she felt great in the outfit.

  3. Elso Said:

    Even if the fabric is kind of boring, I still think she looks cute! I mean this outfit isn’t that bad, the tailoring is perfect and I do think she looks kind of stylish! I don’t think she is a hot mess at all, to be a hot mess, you have to include saggy pants and uneven makeup…

  4. andre Said:

    I think that if she had a neat bun and red lipstick, without marked eyeliner and a clutch, she would have kicked it :) isnt thaaaaat bad… ;)

  5. Who are You Kidding? Said:

    As usual when it comes to Moretz, you’re nuts. She’d look great in a potato sack.

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