Cover Girl Face Off: Chloe Moretz vs. Herself

It’s a tale of two covers, darlings, and while the magazines both feature the same girl, they are completely different in so many ways.

Chloe Moretz made her way onto the covers of W and Seventeen magazines for the October issues, and as you can see from the pictures, they definitely aren’t competing with the same kind of reader:

CHLOE-Moretz W Magazine



The apparent age difference of readers is astounding, isn’t it? In the W shoot, Chlo looks edgy and way more mature than her years, while in the Seventeen pic, she looks like the 16-year-old she actually is!

I’m a little torn, but if I’d have to pick, I’d go with the Seventeen cover. I love her fun outfit and accessories, plus a smile goes a long way. Why do you think I’m the most popular girl in my neighborhood?

Which one do you love the most? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO

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  1. Cassie Said:

    I prefer the W cover, but not because she looks older, but because she looks so gorgeous! This brings out the beauty in her so well. The Seventeen cover is pretty and fun, but her smile seems a little forced, which sometimes happens in photo shoots, so no points lost. Just, not as good.

  2. Kennedy Said:

    I prefer Seventeen, because she actually looks happy and joyful. Like she’s having a good time . Who wants to look at a girl who’s not smiling ? I hate it when magazines make the girls have these serious looks . W just looks so dull and no fun, where as , seventeen has all these bright colors . It’s just looks like it would be more fun to read Seventeen’s article on her rather than W. That’s just my opinion.

  3. Jessica Said:

    The seventeen cover is so beautiful! They don even look like the same girl. She looks older and frumpy on the w cover and on the seventeen cover she looks like she’s having fun she’s incredibly dress and so beautiful.

  4. Ben Said:

    The W magazine cover is the best because since her movie “Carrie” is coming out she looks more edgy and bad how the character in Carrie is supposed to be. The Seventeen makes her look her age but who really wants to look their age? xoxo

  5. olivia Said:

    i like both covers but i like her blond hair better!!

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