Drool or Not: Chord Overstreet

Remember when emo haircuts were cool? Me neither darlings because it was about a jillion years ago, at least in fashion time. But apparently our dear little Glee guy Chord Overstreet didn’t get this memo yet because he turned up at a Golden Globes event looking like this: 

Chord Overstreet


Ugh. Has Miley been doing your hair, Chord? Has Pete Wentz? I’m not sure what look he was going for but whatever it was, I hate it. The thing I love most about CO is his sunny, sweet California boy look–but when he muddles it all up with facial hair (super ew) and stringy locks, he turns into someone I neither recognize nor enjoy.

Wait a minute, minions…I think I know what’s going on here. Chord is trying to veer away from his goody goody Glee image and establish himself as a “serious actor” or some such–aka, he needs another part, ASAP.

Or, this greasy look could be the result of his ex’s Emma Roberts’ engagement. I can just picture him curled up crying with He’s Just Not That Into You on repeat.

What do you think is behind Chord’s style shift? And more importantly, do you like what you’re seeing or is he hitting a sour note?


  1. Réxi Said:

    I prefer his new look much more, than the old “good boy” style…

  2. Glee Fan Said:

    He’s growing it out for “Locks of Love”. And if you don’t know what that is, it’s an organization where you can donate your hair to people with cancer. Maybe you shouldn’t be so ignorant, and think about what you type before you post it.

  3. Avannah Said:

    Uhmm..Nice do’

  4. AM Said:

    Well, major props to him if he is growing it out, but, he could’ve washed it…

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