Warning: Chris Brown is Officially Back on Twitter

The Twitterverse enjoyed the calm, dignified silence in the absence of Chris Brown’s belligerence, but alas the violent musician has once again return to Twitter. Last we saw of Chris and his angry thumbs, he got into a verbal spat with blogger Jenny Johnson who called him a “piece of sh*t.” But now, like it or not, Breezy is back and I hear that Rihanna is the reason for his return. Thanks a lot, RiRi.

“Baby, your fans need you on Twitter and it’s a good place where you can say whatever the fu** you want. So get back on it and do you,” Ri reportedly told her on-off boo, convincing him to grace the world with more of his ranting wisdom.

Le sigh, darlings. I had really hoped that Breezy’s little blowout would spell the end of his 140 character craziness but it looks like CB is the herpes of Twitter–you just can’t get rid of him.

Are you delighted or disgusted that CB is back online?

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