WTF Alert: Chris Brown & Rihanna Ignore Each Other on Valentine’s Day?

Well that didn’t last long. It hasn’t even been a week since Chris Brown and Rihanna were joined at the hip at the Grammy Awards, cooing and gushing about their eternal love. Gag. But what a difference a week few days make. Despite last night being St. Valentine’s Day and the fact that they were both at the same club at the same time, these on-off lovers chose to icily ignore each other and keep as far away as possible. ?!?

“Rihanna refused to sit with or even near Chris – and when Chris noticed she was there, he made a huge show of rubbing his presence in her face,” tattled a minion, noting that the pair left separately at different times.

I’m tres over these two trainwrecks. If they want to behave like two dramatic high schoolers, be my guest, but please Chris, please RiRi, have the good taste to stay out of the public eye…XOXO.

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