Rihanna Seen Flirting With Another Guy; Chris Brown Unfollows Her on Twitter

Talk about the ultimate burn…. Chris Brown has UNFOLLOWED Rihanna on Twitter, which makes me believe their relationship isn’t shining bright like a diamond right now. And how did RiRi get back at him? By getting flirty with another gentleman at a club, of course.

My minion spied the singer getting extra cozy with a new guy and cheek-kissing him — all caught on camera, suggesting that she is no longer on Team Breezy (who is, really?) Well, maybe his ex Karrueche Tran who he recently followed on Twitter. Hmmm….

I’m wondering if all of this started when Rihanna followed Chris Brown’s nemesis Drake on Instagram over the weekend. Or was that just to piss CB off for something he did? Honestly dolls, I’m beginning to think none of these parties should have access to social media. What’s next, Amanda Bynes jumping into the conversation claiming that Drake is ugly? Oh, wait…..

Do you think it’s best that these two are no longer in digital communication or do you think it’s only a matter of time before ish hits the fan again and they’re back to tweeting barfy snuggly pics with each other? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO

rihanna kissing mystery man


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  1. laetitia Said:

    drake is not ugly!

  2. Erenye Said:

    Who cares. CB is a loser

  3. Anon Said:

    OMG!! He UNFOLLOWED her On twitter!? :O OMG why would he do that??? Yeah, like I actually give a flying crap.

  4. Ash Said:

    …and look what Chris is releasing now! OMG
    “BreakUp”… a new line of makeup, by Chris Brown!!!!!! I guess he’s still bitter about Rihanna kissing another guy!

  5. Erin Said:

    They should all go get over themselves, honestly they’re oxygen wasters to the point where its almost criminal!

  6. Kristen (@wildprincess1) Said:

    LOL really! I wonder what happend!?? That guy in the pix with RiRi was Hot!! Drake isnt` ugly! lol no freakin way! I love Amanda though did She say that? lol! what gives?

  7. Adrian E Said:

    who fucking cares, celebrities are people like us but with more money. Get off their nuts and leave em be!

  8. xedos Said:

    the guy was a fan at the meet and greet at her show get your shit straight

  9. Ysmael hamis Said:

    Amanda Bynes should get over herself… Months ago she was begging drizzy to murder her lady part nd today he’s ugly??? Doesn’t makes sense.

  10. Star Said:

    Maybe they just like to break up to make up if you need to make up with someome flowers,candy,or even gift baskets make great gifts and you can found them at http://www.stillpose3.webs.com

  11. White Guy Said:

    You guys are fucking lame worshiping these false idol pieces of shit. Whoever wrote this story is a LOW LIFE SCUMBAG. Who cares about these fucking nigs

  12. joan @bitchgang Said:

    Y’all shouldn’t believe non of this these niggas are playing al us coz the media is been harsh on them they getting their own back it all under control they playing us!

  13. merian Said:

    luv z betwn to pipo,dats wat i cn say,,,,,,,,,,,lol

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