Chris Pine on Lindsay Lohan’s “Insanity”

Back in 2006, when Lindsay Lohan was still considered a viable actress and not a walking Center For Disease Control experiment let loose on society, she starred in a (terrible) movie called Just My Luck opposite Star Trek hottie Chris Pine.

As you can imagine, sharing close quarters with LiLo was, shall we say…interesting. 

Chris Pine and Lindsay Lohan


“It was a real cyclone of insanity, like being around the Beatles,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “It was fascinating to watch and in hindsight it’s really a distinct moment in someone’s life when you see what’s really wonderful about what we get to do and what’s really dangerous about it.”

What he’s trying to say is: Lindsay could’ve gotten a grip and ended up a great actress with a thriving career, or she could’ve succumbed to the flash of fame and begun a long, well-chronicled downward spiral. And I think we all know which path she chose, don’t we darlings?

Day one of the trial of Lindsay Lohan


I think Chrissy makes a good point in that celebs don’t have to end up totally strung out and useless, especially when they get endless chances, rehabs, and contracts with Oprah.

Which of today’s starlets do you think will follow in LiLo’s wobbly footsteps? Remember darlings, today’s hero could easily become tomorrow’s villain…XOXO.


  1. Kalyn Said:

    Miley is on her way..

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  4. luxuryandlifestyles Said:

    Wonder Child: Lindsay Lohan

    ”The Parent Trap” was a big breakthrough of Lindsay Lohan. She was playing twins. She had the most incredible appealing and a lot of talent for the job, which has brought her a number of other successful roles in the movies such as ”Freaky Friday” and ”Mean Girls”.

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