Is Billy Magnussen or Luke Bracey Christian Grey?

If you’ve been on pins and needles wondering who the new Christian Grey will be ever since Charlie Hunnam dropped out, I hear that Broadway hunk Billy Magnussen is a serious frontrunner–as is Monte Carlo star Luke Bracey!

Let’s take a look at each one, shall we?

Billy is a stage actor who is also playing Rapunzel’s prince in the new movie version of Into The Woods. 

will billy magnussen be christian grey


Eh, I’m not into you, Billy. Something about him looks kind of haggard, like he’s been partying too much. A little…Lohan-esque.

Then there’s Luke, who starred as Leighton Meester’s love interest in Monte Carlo and was rumored to be dating Selena Gomez after filming!

will luke bracey be christian grey


Hm. Not feeling you either, Luke. Not only does he look far older than 24, but am I the only one who isn’t amped on a blonde Christian Grey? I’m still holding out for Ian Somerhalder to fill the role…are you minions? Or could either one of these little-known actors be just what Anastasia Steel has been looking for? XOXO

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  1. Jenni Said:

    I hope those are just bad pictures…ick.

  2. Nikki Said:

    I think Ed Westwick should fill the role :(

  3. Jill Said:

    Um, Anastasia is 24; Christian is 28. #2 is fine for me. Matt Boehmer is probably best suited though – or that new guy mentioned last week, forgot his name, but he is perfect!

  4. tin Said:

    Ian Somerhalder!!!!!

  5. alexandra Said:

    i think Henry Cavill and Alexis Blendel should do the role..they would be perfect!! :D

  6. Bethi Said:

    Alexander Skaarsgard

  7. Danni Said:

    I think if these are the only two men that are cast for this role as Christian then Luke Bracey would be the best to play the role because in my mind he is a Christian rather than Billy Magnussen

  8. Akeaaa. Said:

    Ian somerhalder is the best for Christian Grey Role .

  9. Celia Said:

    Ian Somerhalder is PERFECT

  10. Amanda Said:

    Alexander Skarsgård

  11. Jen Said:

    eww NO either Ian Somerhalder or Chad Westwick

  12. Jen Said:

    ED Westwick lol where did I get Chad from lol I need to go to bed

  13. Nori Marie Said:

    Ian Somerhalder and Lucy Hale would be perfect for the part!!!

  14. Philippa Said:

    Luke would do it for me… And Alexis Bledel for Ana.
    Christian IS blonde, on the coppery side, so I really don’t mind that part

  15. Jen Said:

    Alexander Skarsgard, PLEASE. He’s perfect

  16. Zaifashion Said:

    Mmmmmm why do they keep looking for blondes?? Christian Grey does not have blonde hair! Ian or Matt would be perfect!! Seriously it kind of makes me mad that the producer of this movie doesnt listen to the fans! After all we are the ones paying to go watch the movie! !

  17. Alison Said:

    Yes yes yes, Ian Somerhalder! I am actually watching him on Vampire Diaries, and I came across your post!

  18. Jen Said:

    I honestly plan on not seeing this movie as the people directing and producing are against hiring actors who are gay to play in the role. Someone’s sexual orientation should determine their job success rate. Some of the hottest actors are that and play a straight individual.

  19. Nayeli Said:

    i would love to see Liam Hemsworth!

  20. Mel Said:

    Jill – Anastasia is 21 (22 in third book) and Zaifashion – haven’t you heard of hair dye? Besides, Ian and Matt have dark hair, so they would need their hair dyed too…As for my favorite picks, I love Alexander Skarsgard, but he’s way to old. Ian Somerhalder is my favorite pick, but wouldn’t mind Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill. As for Ana, I don’t particularly care for Alexis Bledel; however, she does have that very innocent but pretty look. Lucy Hale does not look innocent at all.

  21. peach Said:

    I like to see richard madden play the role of christian grey

  22. Malin Eriksson Said:

    Ian Somerhalder is so perfect

  23. Stephanie Said:

    Yep, dont think they look like a Christian Grey. I am also waiting out for Ian Somerholder to be cast xx

  24. debbie Said:

    Alexis Blendel and Matt Bomer !!!

  25. Gabija Said:

    I think ian somerholder should do it he would be perfect for the part!! Love him on TVD!

  26. gurl Said:

    Iannn all the waayyy! He is the one for the role!

  27. Opinionated Said:

    I read the half of the book and mind you, I’m a big reader with no particular genre of choice and I bled reading Fifty Shades of Grey. It was horrible. Srsly. It was such a shame holding it. I suggest they hire porn stars since the movie is all just about sex if you filter all through the bullshit. I could not care less who they cast as long as they know how to fuck then that’s fine by me. No need to hire famous personalities since the qualification for the role is to know how to fuck.

  28. Deviroanne Said:

    Ian Somerhalder please :D It’s just exhausting on most people explaining why Ian is Christian. He’s a very good actor and he fits the role perfectly. So the smolderholder has my vote.

  29. Caution Said:

    I still think, Ian Somerhalder would be the perfect Christian Grey. The eyes,the way he is in Vampire Diaries,the body…god he would be awesome *_*

  30. Sara Said:

    I just can’t se a blond Christian grey happening, in the books it’s all about his black hair so a blond actor would so kill it for me! Ian would be perfect for the role!!

  31. Jess Said:

    Colin Egglesfield a 1000000000000 times

  32. Val Said:

    Matt Bommer or Ian Somerhalder are perfect and are the favorites but what about Chace Crawford, c’mon people!

  33. Caro Said:

    If not Matt Bommer, definitely Ian Somerhalder, I’m not into blonds for Christian.

  34. Fatty McBoobyFarty Said:

    Ian Somerhalder. How long is this taking I mean I thought they all ready choosed oen wtf!!! Ian Somerhalder, I can really imagine. I can imagine licking him ooh and then gettin allll down, oooooooh. Anyway, i’m the girl Ian has to make porny with. So mmmm I want to taste him!!!!! I want to hear him call me ‘Fatty’ and I could whisper to him ‘I wanna be ya pinkie ring’ aaaah im slitherin in the imagination ooh baby!! I get to make porny with Ian and soon he’ll be my bf and ND will be so pissed!!!

  35. Fatty McBoobyFarty Said:

    @Opinionated me and Ian know how to fuck! Fuck, duck, cuck the cock. I also saw Ian masturbating. He wad llike a crazy farmer. Chokin his chickens, milkin his monkey, killin his cow, drownin his duck, you know.

  36. macktrk Said:

    No way, Luke Bracey is only 5’9″ tall. Dakota is 5’7″. Christian Grey is suppose to way taller than Ana. I think they had better read their character descriptions again!!! Let’s try and get it right for once.

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