Christina Aguilera’s Comeback Attempt

Spotted:  Christina Aguilera on the set of her new music video for her new song “I’m Old and No One Cares” (at least that’s what I assume it’s called) in an OH-SO-SHOCKING pink wig and crochet dress. A pink wig! How scandalous! Can you imagine–pink hair?! Oh Xtina, what kind of hijinks will you think up next? And you’re carrying a baseball bat! I bet you have some rascally antics planned with that, don’t you? Click here to see the pic!

If her outrageously daring outfit isn’t enough of a hint that her new song will be over-the-top awesome, check out the lyrics: “All I wanna do is f— your body/Tonight’s your lucky night, I know you want it.”

Ugh, darlings. Should The Voice coach stick to mentoring others from now on, or will this sexually threatening new tune put her back on top…of the music game, that is?


  1. ohohmeo Said:

    I’m excited about this. I hope she’ll get back on her real game again.

  2. ggada Said:

    come on!face the facts shes old and ugly shes never gonna make it far..♥

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