Cute or Ew: Christina Aguilera’s New Baby Name

Considering that Christina Aguilera will do anything for attention and practically never stops talking about sex/being naked/her lady bits, I was very worried when I heard she’d given birth to her daughter. All sorts of dreadful names danced in my head like Fiesta, Cleopatra, Bon Voyage–you name it.

But I was truly surprised to hear how non-psychotic her daughter’s new monicker is: Summer. Summer Rain Rutler–discuss.

Christina Aguilera


Unexpectedly, I quite like this name. Girls named Summer are the sort to always be the perfect shade of tan, be very good at dressage, and know how to do a cutely casual fishtail braid. However, Rain as a middle name isn’t my favorite. For one, Christina lives in California–there is no summer rain in LA. That’s a treat (a humid, awful treat) we here in New Yorkers get to enjoy.

But overall, I give Xtina top marks in the baby naming game. But what say you, my dears? Does Summer Rain have a strippery sound to it, or is it nice to hear that a celeb went with a more mainstream monicker rather than Suri, North or Blue? In your expert opinion, which celeb offspring has the worst name out there?


  1. Candice Vega Said:

    I like Summer, but not Rain.
    It’s…too much for my taste!

  2. Brittany Said:

    Love the name rain is a way better name then North.

  3. Maris Said:

    summer is a nice name, it’s actually my middle name!

  4. Katrina Said:

    I thinks summer is a cute name but I don’t like rain and summer goes with max so thankfully she didn’t choose something out there and not an actual name like apple.

  5. hannah Said:

    I like the name but think she shouldve spelt it Summer Raine

  6. Kathy Said:

    I like Summer Rain. I think it’s very pretty and “refreshing”.

  7. janice ingram Said:

    who the hell cares: these celebrities are all batsh-t crazy

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