Chuck Bass Gifs That Explain How You Feel About Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl fans are simple: a passion for the characters on the show, a love for the plot and storyline, and the desire to watch it whenever and wherever. And if you’re an Ed Westwick fan, well, it’s all of those things plus your craving to hear “I’m Chuck Bass” over and over again.

For all of those Chuck Bass fans out there, we collected some of our favorite gifs to explain how Gossip Girl fans feel about the show. Check them out below, and tell us which one is your favorite!

What Every Chuck Bass Fan Craves

"I'm Chuck Bass."

When a Chair Fan Hears Their Friend is for Dair

"Say wha?!"

What Every Chair Fan Has Been Saying This Whole Time

"The Motto"

When a Friend Proposes a Gossip Girl Marathon on a School/Work Day

"I could be convinced..."

When Your Friend Asks If You Want a Cocktail During the Marathon

"Yes, please."

An Ideal Congrats After You Finish The Gossip Girl Marathon

"Here's to you..."


  1. Tutuuuus Said:

    I’m crazy about Chuck Bass.I love him so much

  2. Megan cross Said:

    I LOVE Chuck Bass so much!! I am a big fan! I love him and Blair together!! The make a great couple! At the end I love there kid, he is so cute and I hope that him and Blair are or get together in real life!! Gossip girl needs more seasons!!! This show makes me want more of it!! I love all the characters in this show!! GOVE ME MORE!!

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