Gallery: Pictures of Chuck Bass Being Sexy

He’s sexy and he knows it, making him even more fun to look at! Gossip Girl‘s Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) provides some cool poses, sincere expressions and of course his boyish good looks to feast your eyes on in the episodes. But if you’re going through withdrawal when you’re not watching the series, have no fear: you can check this gallery of Chuck Bass being sexy any time your heart desires.

Which picture is your favorite? Tell us in a comment below!

He's Summer Kind of Wonderful

Photo Credit: The CW

Let's Raise a Glass to His Hotness

Photo Credit: The CW

Mad For Chuck in Plaid

Photo Credit: The CW

A Pensive Upper East Side Prince

Photo Credit: The CW

Ready for Bedding?

Photo Credit: The CW

Real Men Rock Pink

Photo Credit: The CW

A British Babe

Photo Credit: The CW


  1. shelia Said:

    Picture 2- Let’s raise a glass to his hotness…lol

  2. bwaldorf Said:

    How cute ❤

  3. blairxchuck Said:

    It’s okay… *friend drools on my keyboard* lol actually happened

  4. Sumi Paul Said:

    He looks hot in every picture hard to choose! he is a choco fudge lick lick lick! :D <3 totally Chuckholic!

  5. mori Said:

    hello C,i hope you’ll be fine,i love youre style very much,

  6. Monica Said:

    First first first. Love white and his handsome face!

  7. Gracey Said:

    Just wonderful

  8. Fran Said:

    White Party

  9. Katherine Said:

    Picture 1 and 2 :** ♥

  10. Paty Said:

    Oh my Chuck Bass!

  11. Amber Said:

    I Love picture number 6! He is soooooo sexy <3

  12. Anthea Said:

    I love it all…#needisaymore

  13. Rianne Said:

    I love Chuck Bass in every pic! :”)

  14. Friedl Said:

    HE definitely deserves a raised glass to his hotness !

  15. Rebecca Said:

    There is a God

  16. kat Said:

    number 6

  17. anonymous Said:

    i miss gossip girl so much… :(
    you know you love me
    XOXO G.G.

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