Chuck Bass Style Inspiration on Pinterest

Love Chuck Bass‘s style on Gossip Girl? Class your man up with these fashion inspirations on Pinterest, collected by‘s Karissa Bowers exclusively for us.

Chuck Bass is one of the most sophisticated male characters on Gossip Girl. His flamboyant yet classy style never fails to impress viewers. Chuck’s favorite accessory is an ascot, generally in his favorite color, purple. Chuck often wears a bow tie with his suits, so be sure to own many different bow ties in various patterns for Chuck’s look. A trench coat is also a must have for any Chuck fan in the winter time.

Check out some of the pieces Karissa found in the gallery below. For the full inspirational board, check out Gossip Girl on Pinterest!


Purple Bow Tie

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Striped Bow Tie

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3 Piece Suit

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Purple Striped Bow Tie

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Gray Suit

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