Ciara Calls Off Her Engagement to Rapper Future

Ciara’s new Brides magazine cover just went from totally adorable to terribly awkward. I hear that the singer has pulled the plug on her engagement to rapper Future (ironic considering that’s exactly what this romance is now lacking–a future) after finding out that he’d developed a wandering eye.

“He cheated on her. Game over,” dished a source. “She’s devastated. Ciara’s focus now is the baby.”

Ciara and Future 2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MTV

Oh yes, her son named (ugh) Future which means her philandering ex will never fully be out of the picture, although I hear she intends to seek full custody. Tres tragic. Now, I realize that in those first few months with a newborn, stress is high, bathing is low, and you smell less like Chanel and more like spit up. Not exactly every man’s fantasy. But can we really even call Future a man if he cuts and runs at the first sign of hardship, especially when it’s his child she’s been tied up with?? I certainly can’t and never shall.

Poor Ci. Why, less than a year ago she had a 15-carat rock on her finger and all the hope in the world! Now she just has one embarrassing magazine spread, a squalling baby and a wedding binder headed for the shredder.

Do you think that CiCi should try to stick it out for the sake of their son? Or do you believe that if a man cheats once, he’ll do it again?


  1. teria Said:

    Once a cheater always a cheater! She should leave him, No one deserves to be cheated on

  2. Eliana Said:

    who the FUCK would cheat on Ciara? Who?….Who? I don’t get it, why doesn’t he break up w/ her first, then get another chick? What an ABSOLUTE Dumbass. Shame on future, doing stuff like this. His “future” doesn’t look too good.

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