Coco Rocha Shows Off New Hairstyle Inspired By…Justin Bieber?!



In this week’s biggest mistakes, professional pretty girl Coco Rocha decided to chop off even more of her locks in a move inspired by the one and only JUSTIN BIEBER. And no, dolls, I’m not even saying that to be funny and/or mean. She and her stylist Anh Co Tran literally had a conversation about it in the salon. But he clarifies, “Coco’s hair is actually a bit longer than his. And the shorter the hair, the more maintenance, actually.”

Coco’s new hairstyle features one side of her hair longer hair than the other so that she can push it around and switch up her look, Tran said. They also adjusted her color to a more deeper burgundy for the winter. “It looks a lot more natural now than her previous red,” he said.

So, what do you think about this updated ‘do? No matter what, I can guarantee you that no one will love it as much as Coco herself. Just check out this video she posted of herself singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” in the salon:



  1. Hannah Said:

    Do celebrities seriously have to copy other celebrities? If they do, why?
    There are multiple answers for those questions. Yes and no. If they do, there are multiple reasons. Jealousy, fangirling/fanboying, etc. There are reasons for this.
    But, CoCo should make her own descicions with her looks. No matter if it’s hair or body, your judgement doesn’t matter to her because she makes her choices herself, which is good.

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