Cody Simpson Gets an Offer From Dancing With The Stars!

I don’t watch Dancing With The Stars, but Cody Simpson is about to change my mind!

“So, I just received an offer to be on Dancing With The Stars in March,” Cody tweeted. “What do you all think? Do you want to see me on TV every week? It’s during the time I’ll be in LA recording my next album, so it wouldn’t prevent me from touring and seeing all of you. Tweet me thoughts.”

cody simpson


Here’s a thought, Cody: I want to see you on my TV–and in my phone and at my parties and just about everywhere else–as often as possible, so yes, yes, yes, please take the DWTS offer!

But wait a minute minions…what if Cody’s star starts to skyrocket after his appearance? What if suddenly he’s the next Justin Bieber and our sweet little singer gets an ego the size of Brisbane?

Or worse–what if he’s a perfectly dreadful dancer! I just don’t know if I could bear the thought of watching him stumble and plod. Tres embarrassing.

What do you think Cody should do with the offer? Take it and prance into more American hearts? Or stick to music and let the producers ask some New Kid on the Block instead?


  1. Kellie Said:

    Who is he?

  2. Reviwer Said:

    I love Cody but would he really be good on dancing with the stars? I would love to see hijm on my TV

  3. Reviwer Said:

    CONT. I would love to see him on my TV every week. But i don’t want to see him break down. I think he should take the offer because he seems amazing and everyone loves him. But if what is happening to JB happens to Cody I will be really sad to see this beautiful singer break down in front of the world. -XOXO

  4. jocelyn Said:

    First of all cody is a good dancer second of all he neeeeeeds to take this offer cus,if he,doez i would totally watch dwts

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