Cody Simpson Defends Justin Bieber

Brrr babies, there’s a chill in the air–it’s the icy feeling of my crush on Cody Simpson rapidly cooling. While I do love CS and his accent and music and surfing skills, I very much do not like his eye-rolling friendship with Justin Bieber.

Cody recently opened up about JB’s teen girl slap fight with Orlando Bloom in Ibiza, and defended Justin’s nauseating behavior.

“Obviously we’re all young and he gets himself into some stuff sometimes,” Cody told Australia’s The Morning Show. “He’s a person I’d go to for everything. He’s like a big brother. He has the world in his hands as he does a lot of good as well. I’ve got all good things to say.”

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HE’S LIKE A BIG BROTHER? Cody. Come on. I can’t think of anyone I’d want in my family less…except for my actual family, perhaps. And he’s a guy Cody goes to for everything? Like…advice on how to style your whispy facial hair for maximum creep factor? How to make the same constipated face in every photo (“The Jaden“)? How to drive a perfectly healthy It Girl to madness?
I learned quite a while ago that just because someone is a friend doesn’t mean we must agree with everything they do. I’d have a lot more respect for Cody if he would just say “Yes, he seems like a weasel but he’s cool to me, so whatever.”
And this makes me wonder if Cody is a deep down douche, too…? What do you think of this irksome friendship? Do we all have Justin wrong?


  1. He knows the real Justin Said:

    He knows the real Justin.. thats why he defends him. wtf? talking shit about Justin? Your show is lame anyways

  2. Anthony Said:

    They are represented by the same studio and by the same agent. Cody is only a moderate success and cannot afford to say anything negative about Justin.

  3. Lilly Said:

    LOL at the “he knows the real Justin”. Why are you even on this site if you hated gossip girl? And yes talking shit about justin because he Iis a obnoxious little douche bag whos only fans are pathetic little teenie boppers who have no life.

  4. Kylie Said:

    The “it girl” isn’t what she seems to be! C’mon, tired of the people throwing shit at Justin because appearently he was the one that messed her up when really she was already messed up wayyyy before jb. People refuse to see the truth that is: slapping Justin on the face and doing drugs and being alcoholic, she doesn’t need Justin to do those things because she’s destroying herself all alone.
    Check the info at exposingsmg on tumblr if you still believe that Justin is so bad and SG is an angel.

  5. Kylie Said:

    Justin is GOOD. Everyone has good in them including Selena but she’s more messed up than he is and still the bad spotlight is always on Justin and that’s sad. He is just good.

  6. mike smith Said:

    could that pic be any gayer….

  7. tc Said:

    Oh, Cody! You loyal fool! Just because Justin is your good buddy and that he’s great to you shouldn’t excuse him for being an asshole. Your loyalty is both admirable and idiotic!

  8. Justin's defender Said:

    Clearly you haven’t learned anything about friendship. Justin and Cody are good friends, and Cody says he knows him because he does. Unlike you, writing about your pathetic hate against Justin. I know Justin is still a good guy even if it isn’t shown anymore because all of you haters write all his mistakes. Well do you write about his success? No you don’t. He has some real friends backing him up. But why not give a shoutout to all of his biggest haters? Big shoutout to you, you bitch.

  9. Justin Said:

    Yes every human is born with the innate capacity to be evil or good. What I don’t get is how so many teens and so many kids are a fan and look up to JB. After all the shit he’s done and you think he’s a good guy… people like you are scum of this earth and need to perish. Yes we all makes mistakes, but when you don’t learn from these mistakes and continue them, over and over.. you are nothing more than a dog, no better than an animal.

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