First Look: Cody Simpson’s New Docu-Series

Cody Simpson is back from his never-ending Caribbean cruise and has a special little surprise for you–a sneak peek at his new docu-series, XVII. That’s “17” for those of you who ditched Latin.

The series, showing on Awesomeness TV (?) takes you inside our favorite little Aussie’s upcoming acoustic tour. The show is described as an “inside scoop on his day to day life! We’ll see him celebrate his 17th birthday, hang out on the tour bus, chill with his mates and meet lots of #Angels/Simpsonizers!”

Simpsonizers? Is that really what his fans call themselves? Ugh darlings, I know you can do better than that. How about Codyatics? Not the catchiest thing I’ve come up with, I’ll admit, but what does Simpsonizers even mean?

Anyway. I for one will be tuning in to Cody’s new show, if only to hear his adorable accent. BTW, why is it that foreign gents always sing with an American accent? What kind of inflection do you like to hear on a boy–Australian? English? Spanish?

And will you be keeping abreast of Cody’s new show? Or have your pretty brown eyes got better things to do?

Cody Simpson Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2014



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