Cody Simpson’s Crazy Contract for DWTS

Cody Simpson is already famous, but he’s learning the price you have to pay to be a reality show star: a huge lack of privacy! My friends over at TMZ got a hold of the Aussie cutie’s contract for Dancing With The Stars, and it seems as though he is signing his life away.

Not only does the show get final say over his haircut (um, they better not let anything happen to those luscious blonde locks of his), but he can’t take his mic off ever while on set–unless he’s going to the bathroom. Gee, thanks DWTS?!

Cody Simpson


On the plus side though, he is contracted to appear on other ABC shows “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Good Morning America,” and “The View,” so at least we’ll have even more opportunities to see him on TV. And Cody is guaranteed a minimum of $125K, but the pay will go up the longer he stays on the show (which if I have anything to do with it, he’ll make it all the way.)

Do you think this contract is crazy strict or is it just a small price Cody has to pay for us getting to see him dancing up a storm on our TVs each week? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO



  1. CoreySmith Said:

    I would chop off my hair and wear a mic 24/7 for $125K
    sorry, not that big of a deal! you do what you have to do. i would wear a monkey suit and only eat green beans for 6 months for that kind of money!!! its his job.

  2. Jeffrey aka the real lonelyboy Said:

    Well, I suppose that they just don’t want him to change his haircut.

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