Watch: Cody Simpson’s DWTS Routine to “Surfboard”

It isn’t often that the Dancing With The Stars execs let contestants dance to their own songs, but then again darling, the show has never had a talent like Cody Simpson! Of course they let Co boogie down to his new single, “Surfboard,” and surprise surprise, he killed it. Check out his routine with that nameless female thing he’s paired up with (not a fan of hers, never will be):

Love love love it, minions! I like that Cody and whatshername took a funky approach to the beachy song, the pin-up vibe was totally unexpected but really cool don’t you think? The dance earned them a score of 35 out of 40–bravo, CS!

But…I’m afraid I have some bad news, my lambs, so brace yourselves. I’ll…I’ll just let Cody tell you himself:

“No, I’m not gonna be taking my shirt off anytime soon,” Cody dished, unlike his competitor James Maslow who can’t keep his clothes on (thank God). “I’m actually not into that, I want to focus on the dancing.”

Well FINE CODY be that way. Be all “professional” and “dignified” if you must. I’ll still love you, whether you’re in a snowsuit or a speedo…XOXO.

Cody Simpson Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2014


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