Watch: Cody Simpson’s First Performance on Dancing With The Stars

When you hear Cody Simpson’s name, cha-cha isn’t the first term that comes to mind. I was a bit worried when I heard that our favorite Aussie surfer stud was doing the cha-cha as his first routine on Dancing With The Stars, but color me embarrassed, minions, because CS absolutely killed it.

Cody and his partner (Witney Carson or whatever nobody cares go away) danced to Kesha‘s song “Timber” and from the moment the music began, Cody was on point:

The pair racked up 22 points, which I guess is good, and drew praise from the judges. I for one am betting on Cody to win the entire thing, but even if he doesn’t, the fact that he’s mic’d up 24/7 is reason enough to tune in and vote for him to stay on the show as long as possible.

And Cody would also like you to know that his new single “Surfboard” just dropped last night, so by all means, minions, add that to your iTunes library ASAP.

Are you shocked by how good Cody was on the dancefloor? Or did you expect nothing less from the Aussie hottie? And what do you think of the chemistry between Cody and that nameless blonde girl he’s paired up with? Whitey, I think her name is. Should his GF Gigi Hadid be worried? Or is Cody staying professional when it comes to his prancing?

Cody Simpson 27th ARIA Awards 2013


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