Break Up Alert: Cody Simpson Splits From Gigi Hadid

Rejoice, Simpsonizers, for your idol is single once again. It seems that Cody Simpson and GF Gigi Hadid fell victim to the Hollywood jinx of appearing in a music video together. Multiple sources are confirming that the pair are done, just a week or two after he released his new vid for “Surfboard” starring Gigi. Awkward.

cody simpson gigi hadid


“They’ve been on and off trying to make it work, but their schedules have made it quite difficult,” an insider dished to JustJared. “They agreed that things were finally over on Thursday.”

Another spy is insisting that their break up was “amicable and they’ll remain best friends.”

Um no they won’t, obviously. I am tres against keeping your exes as BFFs–it’s such a waste of time. The only baggage I want in my life is from Vuitton.

While putting Gigi in his vid was clearly the kiss of death, I’m a bit surprised that they took a turn for the worse so quickly. Why, just last week they were out and about at the Radio Disney Music Awards. Could something have gone terribly wrong between now and then?

And tell me lambs, who do you think she should date next? Or will he and Gigi reunite before you can say “pretty brown eyes”?

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  1. Kimberlin Luv Said:

    This person is genius at the whole Gossip Girl blog feel I literally read it in a Kristen Bell voice in my head. A++

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