Love or Loathe: Cody Simpson’s New Tattoo

These days it’s hard to tell the difference between a genuine tattoo and just a washable doodle with a Sharpie. And it appears that Cody Simpson is keen on keeping us guessing which he is sporting on this wrist:

cody simpson


The “Pretty Brown Eyes” hottie tweeted this pic along with the caption “palm anchor” and I for one hope it’s fake. It looks like a fishing lure. And WTF is a palm anchor supposed to be anyway? No true yachtsman would try to combine a tree with an anchor otherwise you’d end up with, well, this.

Do you think C’s new drawing is cute or kind of lame?

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  1. lacey Said:

    it’s kinda cute tbh but wierd at the same time. im not really into the aussie and i guess that kinda influeces my answer oops.

  2. ohlala Said:

    Super lame! WTF is suppossed to be that? It looks awful!

  3. Carolina Violet Said:

    That is really weird… As if that kind of thing exists. Where the F did she get that kind of design, anyway?

  4. Aria Said:

    Carolina Violet, its a HE not a she. and I think it looks kinda cool. I love cody and its totally up to him what he puts on his body.

  5. Abby Said:

    U guys need to chill.if u think its lame that’s Ur problem it’s not like its on Ur body so why do u care. It might mean something to him so stop judging him. I think it’s amazing weather it’s real or not

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