Drool Faceoff: Cody Simpson vs Justin Bieber

This weekend the probably made-up, definitely irrelevant Young Hollywood awards took place and who showed up but our dear little social menace, Justin Bieber. And he was…sort of…kind of…shockingly…looking good. I know lambs, I am obviously loathe to admit it, but pics don’t lie. However, JB made the fatal mistake of standing next to Cody Simpson and thus a Drool Faceoff was born. As you know, I am firmly on Team Cody when it comes to just about anything but let’s truly break down these two boys and their looks, shall we?

Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Is Justin really that short? He looks like someone locked a regular sized man in the dryer for 3 hours and he shrunk. I do like Justin’s outfit, although it’s a little heavy off season for July in Los Angeles, but at least it’s not a leather tunic with tighty-whiteys. Let’s count our blessings. Cody, on the other hand, is dressed like my dad when he’s been out on his boat, and looks strangely waxy and yellow, like someone carved him out of a stick of butter. Still though, I’d rather have a conversation with the sexy Aussie rather than JB any day of the week, so clearly Cody is my hunk of the day.

But are you Beliebers swooning over Justin’s cleaned up look? Or does seeing him alongside an actual full-sized human make him look all the more miniature and ridiculous?


  1. Inés Said:

    Hey gossip girl, cody’s look is really Hot. You americans have no taste whatsoever. You dress like shit and so do canadians!

  2. Alden Said:

    Put CS’s clothes on JB and boom! JB all the way! Cody’s nose is large.

  3. BIEBER Said:

    Justin Bieber is better.. better music + more fame.. + fuck the weather justin has more swag.. and cody looks like some ordinary prepped faggot white boy

  4. Andra Said:

    Omfg,Justin Bieber makes the same face as Jaden Smith

  5. Pinnie Said:

    Only Justin
    love so much!!

  6. Nikki Marie Said:

    Cody is more of a man than Justin is! I love Cody so much and i love his music and looks!!! Cody all the way!!

  7. shayelia donovan Said:

    OMG! Justin all the way Cody doesn’t stand a chance.:)

  8. Camille Said:

    Sorry, but Cody all the way! At least he isnt a complete druggie!! And screams f*ck u bill Clinton while peeing in a mop bucket! (Just saying!)

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