Drool or Not: Cody Simpson’s Joutfit

Well we certainly know what’s on Cody Simpson‘s shopping list: denim, denim and more DENIM:

cody simpson


Good lord Cody, WE GET IT. Could you not find denim shoes, as well? I for one am not a fan of shirts buttoned up to the brim–let’s see some skin, Cody!–and these baggy dad jeans aren’t doing him any favors. Next time, CS, swap the jeans for a pair of light linen pants, boat shoes and roll up the cuffs on your shirt for a breezier summer look.

What say you about Cody’s latest look? Does it go with his endless summer vibe or is someone dressing him for the wrong season?


  1. Steffi Said:

    I see where you’re coming from but this IS Cody Simpson- he’s gorgeous either way. But I don’t think anyone would have any objections with Cody flashing a little extra skin ;)

  2. Sara Hart Said:

    I think someone is dressing him for the wrong reason. He dose not even look comfortable in what he is even wearing! Even I would say something to him if I saw him. The outfit kind of makes him look sensitive. since he is not showing any skin. Is he trying to hide something? I wonder……. xoxo

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