Cody Simpson’s Warning to All Future Girlfriends

It’s no secret that I have a massive crush on Aussie hottie Cody Simpson. Can we just go back to the time he basically asked me to be his Valentine? Swoon!

Anyway, I’ve hear that he’s dating whatsherface Gigi something right now, but in case that doesn’t work out (which let’s face it dolls, they’re way too young for it to be the real deal…), Cody is warning all future girlfriends about a few things:

First, be prepared to be written about. Cody reveals he’s basically like the male version of Taylor Swift: “I’m not ashamed of writing romantic songs. When I meet a girl, I’m like, ‘I’m going to write music about you. If you’re not up for that, please leave now.'” Dearest Cody, you can write a song about me anytime. <3

Next, be adventurous. I want a girl I can take to my hometown because I can be the perfect tour guide,” he said.  “I know so many amazing cafes on the beach. It’s a surfer’s paradise!” Please keep in mind that I look great in a bikini, Cody!

And finally, be ready to be the center of his attention. “I haven’t experienced a lot with girls — but they’re all I ever think about.” Adorbs.

Tell me, loves, could you see yourself dating Cody or is there another celeb guy that tickles your fancy?

Cody Simpson


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