Confirmed: Demi Lovato’s Duet is with Nick Jonas

After Demi Lovato teased a duet with a mystery man a couple of weeks ago, said mystery man’s identity has been revealed. As I totally figured out anyway, Demi is pairing up with Nick Jonas, and will be releasing a duet on his upcoming album. Nick confirmed widespread suspicion on the duet when he revealed the news to a source. “It’s a great song that we both love. Her voice is just amazing on it. She’s the real deal. It’s the perfect fit for this record,” he gushed to his source.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Variety

Nick previously helped Demi with the creative direction of her Neon Lights tour, and the two go way back to their Camp Rock days. Nick even made a surprise guest appearance during the opening night of Demi’s Neon Lights tour in Vancouver, and their performance chemistry is totally on point. I think Demi’s track will be a total highlight on Nick’s album, which is scheduled to be released in the fall.

Rob Kim/Getty Images

What do you think of this duet, darlings? Were you hoping Demi’s mystery man was Nick, or was there another male vocalist you wanted to pair with the pop beauty? XOXO


  1. Rachael Said:

    So excited it’s Nick!! I love Nemi duets :D

  2. Jennifer Said:

    I was hoping either NICK or ED SHEERAN!!!! so im happy!!!

  3. Keva Kirkwood Said:

    Im so glad i love Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato. Can’t wait to hear the song its going to be wonderful

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