Get The Constance Billard Uniform Look For Less

Georgina Sparks and Dan Humphrey

Photo Credit: The CW

Loved the Constance Billard uniform? shows you how to get the look for less:

In Gossip Girl’s Valentine’s Day episode, “Crazy, Cupid Love,” viewers got a flashback of the character’s former wardrobe staple; plaid uniform skirts. Nate’s Spectator party was high-schooled themed so Serena and Georgina were seen wearing French Toast skirts, while Blair broke the dress code by wearing a Reem Acra Resort 2012 gown. Even Lola/Charlie Rhodes looked school-appropriate wearing a tie for her cater-waiter uniform, plus high knee socks and a sweater vest that could easily be part of a school uniform.

Forever 21 Blazer

Photo Credit: Forever 21

My favorite look of this episode was Georgina’s take on the Constance Billard uniform skirt. Georgina wore a white silk top with her skirt and accessorized with a RichRocks NYC JetSet Chain necklace (available for only $45!), Sequin NYC rhinestone link necklace and a black blazer. Get Georgina’s look with Forever 21’s long lapel blazer for $29.80 and Heritage 1981’s classic woven top for $19.90.


White Shirt From Heritage

Photo Credit: Forever 21


Karissa Bowers is the blogger of, where you can find what your favorite characters were wearing in every episode and get the look for less. In addition to finding what clothes were featured on the show, you can also get the look of cast members such as Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. Visit Gossip Girl Fashion to keep up on the latest Gossip Girl trends!


  1. Sara Said:

    I really loved the gray hooded coat worn by the “royal minder” (Estee?). Can you please tell me if you come across it? I need it!

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