Ooh La Luxe: Michelle Trachtenberg’s Favorite Tights

True It Girls know that in life, one must have choices. Rose or champagne, Bentley or Aston Martin, Prince or pop star, etc. And we are no less fussy when it comes to hosiery. I, along with starlets like Victoria Justice and Michelle Trachtenberg, have discovered some tres useful nylons by Hanes Silk Reflections Convert-a-Tight that go regular footed tight to a footless legging with one easy fold.

convert a tight


I also love these because they’re uber black (like my heart, darlings) and will keep your legs warm in all sorts of weather. Check them out on MT and tell me these aren’t just as chic as your trusty Wolfords…but with more options.

michelle trachtenberg




  1. GossipCat Said:

    I’ll choose rose, Aston Martin, prince and these awesome tights! :D

  2. ggada Said:

  3. kate middleton Said:

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