Daily Drool: Cristiano Ronaldo

Welcome to guy-thigh Thursday, darlings. This week I spotted soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo icing his poor wittle ankle after practice and thank heavens he had the good sense to strip down to his shorts. Clearly someone whispered in his perfect ear that injuries heal a lot faster when one is nearly naked, or reminded him that if he’s not scoring goals, the easiest way to keep all eyes on him is to ditch the clothes, ASAP.

Feast your eyes on this footie ace and tell me just how horrible he’d have to be in person to cancel out that beastly good body? XOXO.




  1. InTroubles Said:

    I really don’t like him ‘cas I think he’s very superficial. He shows out on TV that he only thinks about himself and that’s not what the fans wanna hear man…

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