Cute or Ew: Anna Paquin’s Mermaid Blue Hair

When you’re on a long-running television series, you can get stuck keeping the same hair for years on end (I know: life is sooooo hard for successful actors). It’s understandable, then, that True Blood’s Anna Paquin was dying to dye upon the wrap of the series. What I can’t quite wrap my head around, though, is why the beautiful blond went from this:

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

to this:

I mean, who dyes their hair to look like some mystical fairy after ending a show that’s about vampires, shape-shifters and mystical fairies?

After diving in to the world of crayon-colored hair, Anna tweeted at her colorist and her husband (in that order), writing: “@Auracolorist just fulfilled my teen dream of being a mermaid. @_smoyer whatcha think?” Husband Stephen Moyer responded that he loved it, of course, because who wants to have a blue-haired wife who’s super mad at you?

I’ll grant Anna that she has the mermaid chic thing going on now with the blue and purple locks, but I give it two washes before it goes from ocean mermaid to community pool damaged sad sack.

So I think way ew, but perhaps you have a different take. What do you think of Anna’s new hair?

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