Cute or Ew: Britney Spears to Launch Lingerie Collection

Britney Spears has had some disastrous moments strutting around in lingerie. I don’t know if you still remember her 2007 VMA performance where she sort of tottered around onstage in a bra top, sort of lip-syncing, sort of dancing and sort of out of shape, but it’s an image burned in a very dark place of my brain. Well, Brit Brit seems to be over it because she’s moving past her dark history with underwear, and launching a lingerie line of her own.

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B announced today that she’s partnering with CHANGE Lingerie to launch Intimate Britney Spears, a collection that promises to include “feminine lingerie sets, vintage inspired bustiers and kimonos, as well as relaxed loungewear such as jersey camisoles, shorts and sweats.” B’s line will be a little too reasonably priced for my taste, with pieces ranging from $17-$79.

I don’t know, dolls, while this is definitely better than the lingering stench of her Curious and Fantasy perfumes that waft out of Perfumania’s Penn Station location (or so I’ve heard), there are a few red flags here. First off: is Britney’s lingerie taste something we really want to imitate? The woman has made babies with Kevin Federline, and I’d rather scratch my eyeballs out with (shudder) acrylic nails than know his boudoir preferences. Secondly: shorts and sweats? There is no world where Britney’s casual wear should be perpetuated to the masses. Finally, the low rent price tag really turns me away. I tend to prefer a bit more high end lingerie, so I’m considerably more likely to purchase La Perla or Agent Provocateur than anything with a pop star’s name on it.

Whatever. At least it’s not at K-Mart like Sofia Vergara’s sad collection.

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For better or worse, Britney’s collection will launch on September 9 in the states, and September 26 overseas. Will you be checking out Intimate by Britney Spears?

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