Cute or Ew: Demi Lovato’s New Deal With Skechers

I wouldn’t be caught dead in anything described as a “sneaker” so naturally, I’m a little whateverish about Demi Lovato’s new endorsement deal with Skechers, the favorite shoe of style-challenged tourists on a trip to Manhattan.

“My generation grew up with SKECHERS,” gushed Demi in a press release, “and now with all of their cool styles and fun colors I’m excited to help introduce the collection to a new generation by sharing this incredible brand’s campaign with my Lovatics!”

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Well it isn’t exactly Chanel, but I suppose this is a good fit. Just like Demi isn’t always on point with her fashion (remember this monstrosity?), Skechers has slowly evolved from a gaudy, lumpy footwear faux pas to a brand filled with Toms-esque espadrilles and Converse copies. Still though, not my cup of tea. Why would I want walking shoes when I have a driver?

But here’s a question, my lambs: does a celeb lending their name to a brand make you more likely to buy it? Or do you accept that they just do it for the paycheck and buy what works for you?


  1. joblo Said:

    I had a pair of gym shoes when I took, you know, gym in high school. Never owned a pair of Nike’s, New Balance, Adidas, etc., so I guess I’m in the “buy what works for me” category. I do try to avoid stuff if it’s endorsed by someone I really don’t like, though.

  2. danielle Said:

    she’s gross and fake! there’s no way i’d purchase a pair of sketchers with her face on the brand.

  3. sunrise Said:

    Dear Danielle, something tells me you wouldn’t by a pair of shoes regardless of who’s face is attached to the brand if you can’t even spell the name right… Demi is the face of hope, good in a bad world, the positive fighting the negative.
    Skechers is I’m sure honored to have her, I know I would be.

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