Cute or Ew: Kim Kardashian’s (Slightly) Shorter Hair

Fact: Kim Kardashian is physically incapable of going more than 13 hours without posting some sort of vain and ridiculous photo of herself. So imagine her relief when she trimmed a few inches off her hair and therefore had a reason to hit up Instagram!


My brother once said that it is every man’s ultimate nightmare that they will marry a girl with long luxe hair and then she’ll have a baby and cut it all off and end up looking like his mother.

It seems Kim is inching her way closer to this particular horror with her latest trip to the salon. True, it’s only a few inches shorter now, but will she get a bee in her bonnet and soon debut the “long bob” and then one day a pixie cut??

Doubtful, darlings. KK’s hair is her security blanket and no matter what kind of drastic measures her stylist may take, she’s only a clip-in extension away from her signature look. But what truly concerns me is whatever is going on with her face. K, enough nose jobs and fillers, s’il vous plait. You’re starting to look like Octomom. Sorry the truth hurts, Kimmy. ¬†You know you still love me…XOXO.


  1. S Stack Said:

    Would really like to see her in a pixie cut. I think she would look so much better. It sure would show off her face to the max.

  2. Paul Said:

    That’s literally what her hair looks like without extensions tho not really a big change

  3. M Said:

    Ever heard of makeup “darling”? It’s not a nose job, it’s the result of contouring.

  4. christi Said:

    Yeah, contouring…. with a scalpel.

  5. C Said:

    I used to think she was a super beautiful girl. But now i think she looks like a trasvesti :(

  6. 1st lady Said:

    Truth is she can rock any look she wants. She’s beautiful!

  7. Jessie Said:

    Haha! “Octomom”

  8. elisa Said:

    Don’t really see the problem with this look? It compliments her face, besides shoulder length hair is making a comeback!

  9. elizabeth Said:

    What she needs to fix is dat fake ass

  10. katherine Said:


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