Cute or Ew: Naya Rivera’s Beauty Tips

I firmly believe that Glee‘s Naya Rivera is underrated as an actress, singer, and general hot person, so I was rather delighted to see that NR has begun blogging more. However, she doesn’t seem to be addressing the questions that most of us are keen on such as “Just how big of a bitch is Lea Michele IRL?” and “To whom did you have to sell your soul for those incredible abs?”

Instead, she’s sharing lukewarm fashion tips like “Shop at American Apparel! –um yes thank you, we are aware– and has now begun a foray into beauty tips, a market that is already totally cornered by Lauren Conrad and The Beauty Department.

Here are a few of N’s whateverish beauty tips

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Tip #1: Hats

You don’t have to sacrifice style to shield yourself from those harmful rays. Keep your face in the shade with a wide-brimmed hat if you plan on being outside during the summer. Bonus: While the hat works to provide some much needed heat relief it can also help hide those tangled locks for an effortless beach look!

Naya, we all got the memo on hats quite a while ago. Had she included some cheap, chic brands or ways to choose the right sun hat for your head shape, that might’ve been interesting. But she didn’t.

Tip #2: Lip Balm

Just because it’s not cold outside doesn’t mean your lips won’t dry out. Instead of using a tingling medicated lip balm which tends to dry your lips even more, go for the soothing lip salve. Your lips will be silky smooth and ready for some summer smoochin!

Does anyone over the age of nine need to be told to keep their lips soft?

Tip #3: Bronze Bars

I’ve recently stumbled upon a new summer beauty product that has me SO excited! These bars of shimmer and color from Lush are the perfect quick and easy way to add a hint of sun kiss to your body wherever you are! They’re handmade, and come in bronze and white for paler skin. And the consistency stays on your skin better than some of my other favorite products like “Body Bling” Love it!

Would you like a real tip, darlings? These Lush bronze bars melt. Everywhere. And they stain your hands. A better bet is to keep them in a screw-top container and apply them with a makeup sponge.

The problem with beautiful starlets is that they so rarely do their own styling, they haven’t a clue how to achieve that smokey eye or killer beach waves you saw on the red carpet. Do you appreciate Naya trying to teach us all a little something about being beautiful or are her tips a total snooze?


  1. joanna Said:

    Wow, you really don’t like her, don’t you?

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