Cute or Ew: Pete Wentz’s New Baby’s Name

Grieve, darlings, for our collective crush on Pete Wentz is officially over. Why, you ask? Well as if his platinum Slim Shady new ‘do isn’t revolting enough, allow me to reveal the name of his newborn son: Saint Lazslo Wentz.

Saint. Lazslo. This child’s paths in life are either pope or soap star.

Pete’s second baby mama, Megan Camper, gave birth to the boy (who in about 13 years will be a regular in the school nurses office with black eyes and atomic wedgies) on August 20. Oddly, I wouldn’t have minded this name for a little girl but a boy? Let’s hope he learns karate. He’s going to need it.

Pete Wentz 140th Kentucky Derby - Arrivals

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Considering Pete’s first son (with Ashlee Simpson) (ugh) is named Bronx Mowgli, I didn’t have much faith that he would pick a non-terrible name for his next tot. But I thinly hoped that perhaps Megan could steer him in the right direction. Until I met her at the Kentucky Derby. Poor Megs is laboring under the delusion that merely being a snobby dullard makes her an It Girl. Oh Megan. You don’t even know what you don’t know, darling.

So yes my minions, does Saint Wentz make Christina Aguilera’s new daughter Summer Rain look like a potential Senator by comparison? Or are celebs right to think outside the box when it comes to baby names?


  1. nicole Said:

    It seems like yesterday I was dying of laughter over the name x-tina gave her kid, but this is really too much this poor kid doesn’t know the torment and humiliation coming his way.. and the fact that his father is Pete Wentz won’t be the sole reason. ;)

  2. Charlie Said:

    This is how often I check out celebrity news: I didn’t even know he and Ashlee Simpson had split up. :/

  3. Sara Said:

    So many celebrities just have to be different at the expense of their kids, this is their first act of many of putting themselves before what’s best for their children.

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