Cute or Ew: Zac Efron in Drag

Spotted: Zac Efron wearing a wig, a dress, and dissing James Franco. Was this one of his crazy nights out? While our little loverboy has been doing some questionable things lately, don’t worry dolls… he’s not turning into a drag queen (yet). Z and his Neighbors co-star Seth Rogen joined Jimmy Fallon in his famous “Ew” skit, where they all played teenage girls. Take a look and prepare to LOL:

One of my fave moments in this vid is when Z dances. I don’t know whether to be turned on or feel totally uncomfortable. The boy can move–we saw that in High School Musical–although it’s just not the same when he’s dressed like Vanessa Hudgens‘ character…

And the jab at James Franco is priceless. I literally choked on my mimosa laughing so hard when they all said they got texts from him. Oh Jamesey… it’s funny because it’s true. XOXO

Zac Efron Universal Pictures World premiere of NEIGHBORS


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