The CW President Foreshadows “Big Event” on Gossip Girl

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Will there be a Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf wedding in the final season of Gossip Girl? While no one official is confirming what many fans are hoping will happen, CW president Mark Pedowitz gave us something to look forward to, saying there would be a “big event” happening (but sadly he wouldn’t give any more details.)

There were also questions about continuing the series without the original cast (anything to keep the show alive!), but Mark said that was a no-go. “I believe shows that have a loyal core audience deserve a proper send off for both the network and the fans…[It’s] what we did for One Tree Hill, so we’ll do it again here for Gossip Girl. It’s important for us on this side of the fence to give a satisfactory ending.”

The final season, which will premiere October 8, is set to have 10 episodes total. There’s a lot of wrapping up story lines that needs to happen before it ends, but we’re so excited to be along for the ride!

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  1. EricaBossLady Said:

    I really hope that Chuck and Blair get married.I hope that Nate finds his soul-mate. I hope that Blair and Serena become best friends again. I hope Serena get off of drugs and finds someone who love her. I hope Dan doesn’t write that book about all of them. I hope Lilly wakes up and see Charles for who he really is. I also hope that Lilly gets back with Rufus and forgive him. Finally, I hope they reveal who the real gossip girl is.

  2. ralph Said:

    Dear god, If on the last episode they go like “Gossip Girl is” and then it goes out to the credits, i might die ._.

  3. kelsey17 Said:

    All i want is a Chuck and Blair wedding !! I balled for an hour when they broke up ! I will murder my tv if Chuck and Blair dont get back together in season 6 !

  4. Tutuuuus Said:

    just chuck and blair should marry.Maybe when we watch GG,we will see ’10 years later’ and we’ll look again and there will a lof of children from chair so cute

  5. zldvaa Said:

    all i want is serenate all the wayy.

  6. Radivoj Said:

    We want in Season 6 to be more episodes if cant be more seasons…I think this is soooo good searies and i think that would be good for them..Chuck and Blair together..Please more seasons atleast to be Season 7 last one.We all hope …

  7. psychokiller Said:

    10 episodes? We’re talking about the last season of Gossip Girl here.

  8. magician Said:


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