Daily Drool: Alexander Ludwig

Just because (spoiler alert!) his Hunger Games character was killed off in the first installment of the series doesn’t mean we can’t still lust over delicious actor Alexander Ludwig.

The blonde beefcake will return to the big screen in the upcoming thriller Final Girl,  costarring Abigail Breslin, where he plays the alpha male leader of a violent clique who kidnap the wrong girl as the victim of one of their cruel blood sports.

But enough of all that unpleasantness, darlings. Instead, feast your eyes on young Alex and tell me if he’ll someday replace Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum as the hunkiest guy in Hollywood!

Alexander Ludwig




  1. ggada Said:

    oh yes he will, our Xander! ♥

  2. Alexis Simbillo Said:

    I sooo love Alexander Ludwig<3

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